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You can for sure do much more than wait until TCPA is build into every Computer. Beside of the possibilities that are available for users and webmasters by this site you can do much more:

1) Word of mouth / word of written text works even in times of internet. As footer under every eMail you send or in a chat. Especially forums are a great place for activity. If you've no own webspace, you can include the banner from our site (IMG Tag). Please put a textlink under the banner if the forum should not support to link an image with a URL (A HREF Tag). Please don't forget: You can do something, just everywhere. Information is what matters.

2) You're often at locations where many peaople are? Nothing better as this. Print some short info and pin it up. If someone asks you give him some short info and voila, you've done it -> You've spread the information. For this purpose we will provide you with additional material as PDFs soon. If you've suggestions concerning what info we should have to include or emphasize, then mail us: info@againsttcpa.com

3) Here's for sure place for more ideas...

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